Case Report

Successful Surgical Treatment of Mitral Regurgitation Due To Mitral Balloon Valvuloplasty


  • Murat Günday

Received Date: 13.04.2014 Accepted Date: 11.09.2014 Eur Arc Med Res 2015;31(2):101-103

Mitral valve stenosis is a disorder that is seen more commonly in young women, and decreases the quality of life, with many symptoms such as palpitation, shortness of breath. In recent years, interventional methods are replacing gradually surgical methods in the treatment. But interventional applications have their own risks and they are not totally innocent. In this case successful surgical treatment of mitral insufficiency that occured in the early stages after the application of balloon dilatation of the mitral stenosis of a fifty year old female patient is presented.

Keywords: mitral stenosis, balloon valvuloplasty, mitral valve replacement