Case Report

Semispinal Anaesthesia Experience in Geriatric Patient: Case Report

  • S. Karabatak
  • A. Söner
  • Z. Ervatan
  • F. Baturay
  • Ayşın Ersoy
  • M. Tonbul
  • Aysel Altan

Eur Arc Med Res 2011;27(1):62-64

Nowadays, patients above age of 65 are referred as geriatric patients demographically. Reduction was planned for luxation of partial hip prothesis in a patient of 83 years of age. The patient was suffering from chronic obstructive lung disease, hypertension, chronic renal failure, iron deficiency anemia, congestive heart failure and had bilateral diffuse wheezing and basal crepitant rales. Because of these symptoms, the patient underwent semispinal anesthesia with a low dose local anesthetic.

7.5 mg bupivacaine (% 0.5 hyperbaric) was given iv in the left lateral decubitis position. After the patient was held for 10 minutes in the left decubitus position, he was turned to supine position. With the pinprick test, it was determined that anesthesia up to T10 dermatoma level was provided. Peroperative vital signs were stable. At the end of the operation, which lasted for 2 hours, the patient was followed in the intensive care unit for 24 hours and he was delivered to the service without any complication.

Keywords: Geriatric, semispinalis anesthesia, partial hip prosthesis