Case Report

Infrequent Defecation in Infant: Is There Need for Treatment? A Case Report


  • Hüseyin Kılınçaslan
  • İbrahim Aydoğdu
  • Mustafa Bilici

Received Date: 25.02.2014 Accepted Date: 19.01.2015 Eur Arc Med Res 2015;31(2):107-108

Bowel movements of some of the infants, who are exclusively fed with breast milk, may be delayed for two days or longer. This clinical picture is resolved by shifting to supplementary food at six months The frequency of the stools increases when solid food is introduced to the diet. This phenomenon observed in babies who are feeding and growing properly, having soft stool with no abdominal distension is called pseudoconstipation or infrequent stools. It is important to promote awareness among paediatricians on this extremely normal condition in order to prevent false diagnoses and unnecessary treatments. Here, we aimed to present a case and emphasize the appropriate approach to these babies.

Keywords: constipation, infant, treatment