Case Report

Massive Ovarian Edema: Case Report


  • Hülya Yavuz
  • Ecmel Kaygusuz
  • Nermin Koç
  • Semra Kayataş Eser

Received Date: 15.03.2014 Accepted Date: 09.10.2014 Eur Arc Med Res 2015;31(2):104-106

Massive ovarian edema is a rare cause of benign ovarian enlargement. It usually occurs in young women. The patient age ranges from 6 to 37 (mean 21). The most common clinical sign is pain in the abdomen and it may mimic a malignancy clinically. If intraoperative wedge biopsy is done, it is possible to preserve the patient’s ovaries The majority of cases have been diagnosed on oophorectomy specimens although an ovarian wedge biopsy is usually sufficient for accurate intraoperative pathological diagnosis. Here in, we present a case of massive ovarian edema which has been diagnosed as benign lesion during frozen section examination.

Keywords: ovarian edema, massive