Case Report

Herlyn-Wunderlich Syndrome: Case Report

  • Ali Emre Tahaoglu
  • Veli Mihmanlı
  • Yılmaz Güzel
  • Emine Pasmakoglu
  • Zelal Tahaoglu
  • Ekrem Ozakın

Eur Arc Med Res 2011;27(1):56-58

The aim of this study was to present two cases with Herlyn-Wunderlich Sendrom. The patients had uterus didelphys, unilateral blind hemivagina, hematometrocolpos and hematosalpinx. Vaginal septum resection and hysteroscopy were performed in one of the cases.

Because of its complications and the other system abnormalities, it is important to be alert when a mullerian canal abnormality is diagnosed. We think that using older classification of mullerian duct abnormalities does not provide an appropriate indication for performing surgery. A new classification is needed for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Keywords: Uterus didelphys, Herlyn-Wunderlich, hemivagina