Original Article

Carcinoid Tumor of the Appendix: 3769 Consecutive Emergency Appendectomies


  • Seracettin Eğin
  • Semih Hot
  • Metin Yeşiltaş
  • Sedat Kamalı
  • Berk Gökçek
  • Erdem Yılmaz
  • Hakan Tezer
  • Servet Rüştü Karahan

Received Date: 11.02.2014 Accepted Date: 13.06.2014 Eur Arc Med Res 2014;30(3):135-138


The purpose of this study is to submit the frequency of appendix carcinoid tumors that we see incidentally in urgent appendectomies and their retrospective analysis of the long-term results.

Material and Methods:

3769 urgent appendectomies between February 2006 and December 2012 at Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital are analyzed retrospectively. Age, gender, pre-surgery clinical findings, histopathological results and operation reports are analyzed and the result is submitted.


In 3769 appendectomies; totally 10 appendix carcinoid tumors are observed (0.26 %). The age average of 4 male and 6 women patients is 34.4/years (age limits: 19-52). The pre-surgery clinic of all the patients is acute appendicitis. 8 patients were operated via open appendectomy and 2 patients via laparoscopic appendectomy and no additional operation was required for any of the patients. All of the tumors were localized at the end of appendix and their diameter was averagely 8.6 mm (diameter limits: 1-20 mm). No adjuvant treatment was applied at all. All the patients are alive and the follow-up period without any diseases and symptoms is averagely 37.3/ months (follow-up limits: 5-69).


Carcinoid tumors are the most frequently seen tumors of appendix. Appendix carcinoids give similar clinical findings such as acute appendicitis that we frequently see in our emergency surgery practices. Most of the cases incidentally detected during the appendectomies. Before the histopathological examination; carcinoid tumor is rarely considered as diagnosis. The value of the histopathological analysis of every appendix should be considered. Although it has a serosal or intramural lymphatic invasion; the tumors with a diameter smaller than 20 mm can be treated via appendectomy and the resection of mesoappendix. In our study, the incidence rate of appendix carcinoid tumors, is found close to the lower limit of the literature average. Long-term life expectancy in the carcinoid tumors of appendix is well.

Keywords: Appendectomy, carcinoid tumors, histopathology