Case Report

An Epidermal Cyst in Parotid Gland: A Case Report

  • M. Vefa Kılıç
  • Yavuz Uyar
  • Mustafa Kuzdere
  • Güven Yıldırım
  • Burcu Kaman
  • Deniz Özcan

Eur Arc Med Res 2011;27(1):59-61

Epidermal cysts are surrounded by keratinized squamous layer and filled with keratin debris. They can be seen anywhere and they are real cysts. They are painless slow growing lesions which are smooth surfaced. Epidermal cysts may develop by inplantation of surface epidermal layer into dermis or subcutaneous tissue after trauma or surgical procedures. We are presenting an epidermal cyst of the parotis region of our patient without history of trauma.

Keywords: Epidermal cyst, parotid gland neoplasm